Science Fair

Free Science Fair Websites

All Science Fair Projects
Hundreds of science fair projects with complete instructions.
Science Buddies
Free science fair project ideas, answers, and tools.
Science Fair Central
Discovery Education Science Fair Central offers ideas for science fair projects and experiments for students.
Science Fair Project Resource Guide
Learn how to get started, how to choose a topic, how to complete the project, and how to display your project.

PBS Kids – ZoomSci
This website, from the PBS TV corporation, offers kids a behind the scenes look at science projects that were featured on their show Zoom, and includes comments from students who tried these projects at home.
Library of Congress – Science Tracer Bullets Online
This is a great website from The Library of Congress, which explains how to find supporting information for your science project.
Illinois Junior Academy of Science
Think you’ve done a great job, and your teacher does too? Perhaps you could compete at the Illinois Junior Academy of Science! Check out this website for all the additional information about their competition, in addition to links containing science project ideas.

Anatomy of a Science Fair Project (Scientific American)
A series of blog posts that will help students create original and winning science fair projects. Includes a post on answering questions from judges. Written by the creator of another useful site, Science Fair Coach.